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The mostvaluableof all capital
is that invested in
human beings.

《Principles of Economics》Marshall Alfred

What is VALUE?

  • Investment In Youth...
  • Public Welfare...
  • Fan Economy...
  • Entrepreneurship

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Investment in Youth

SelfSell Platform is born with inspiration of “Theory of Human Capital Investment”. Low-cost individual fundraising could be conducted on SelfSell Platform, such funds will be applied to investees’ education, training, physical and mental health and so forth.

SelfSell enables young people to embrace a more promising future in the starting stage of their life, with access to scarce social resources. Every young person has his/her own ideal which needs financial and social support to some extent. Young people, however, who suffer from poor economic conditions of families, are often forced by reality to temporarily give up their ideals, say goodbye to their studies prematurely or take on the disfavored jobs that can barely maintain their families.

SelfSell helps young people achieve their ideals through digitization and free circulation of personal value.

Public Welfare

SelfSell Platform will be earmarked specially for projects including poverty alleviation, student assistance, and illness relief, etc. By converting public services into commercial operations, the platform could thus run more efficiently.

Investors of SelfSell Platform can not only contribute to economic development of poverty-stricken areas and help people who need help, but also gain more benefits than expected from the low investment valuations for residents in poverty-stricken areas or whoever lack of resources.

Through the economic behavior of investors, SelfSell Platform encourages social participation in public welfare undertakings. After pulling through in a short period, investees, who receive financial aid, may burst out unlimited potential in the future, and return promising benefits to their investors and themselves.

Fan Economy

Fan economy focuses on emotional capital, by probing into consumers' emotions could it serve the purpose of adding emotional capitals to brands and idols, and becomes an important branch of the Internet economy.

Stars and online celebrities can sell 5% of their future incomes through SelfSell Platform, thus establishing a new approach to increase in stars and online celebrities’ intangible assets.

For enthusiastic fans with frequent consumption behaviors, apart from purchase of tickets, membership and derivatives, they are also immersed in “possession” of their life idols and having opportunities to directly express “love”. At the same time, they can enjoy a portion of stars’ future incomes. In this way, emotional binding between fans and stars is greatly enhanced.


Since early 2015, Premier Li Keqiang advocated “Public Entrepreneurship and Mass Innovation”. With the backdrop of the booming development of the Internet, systemic policies have been introduced with a view to fueling mass innovation, crowdsourcing, public support and crowdfunding.

SelfSell Platform is a useful complement to venture capital and makes investment logic itself recover to the people. After all it is people rather than physical assets that play a decisive role in entrepreneurial projects.

From the perspective of risk, SelfSell Platform resembles investment that could automatically avoid a startup entrepreneur's early failure and becomes long lasting. As long as investees don’t stop working, SelfSell's investment will never confront unprofitable situations.

Who benefits?


SelfSell facilitates development of investees by creating leverage in their life------ to realize the future value

that provides opportunities and accelerates growth at present stage.

90% of people fail to achieve a rapid progress at a young age, because they are afraid of taking risks during the process of gaining enough resources.


with tons of talents sharing their future value, you get the chance of invest the next Jack Ma,

Zuckerberg, Kobe Bryant, and Angelina Jolie.

How to proceed?


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  • 1. Viewing the Talents on SelfSell Platform.
  • 2. Knowing the Talents’Background Details.
  • 3. Asking Questions and Deciding whether to Invest.
  • 4. Trading the Tokens at Any Time.
  • 1. Contacting the SelfSell Team.
  • 2. Providing Necessary Information
  • 3. Answering Questions from Investors.
  • 4. Getting Enough Votes.
  • 5. Issuing Tokens and Collecting Crowdfunding.

SSelfSell is ready to help you thrive!

  • Investees
  • NO Collateral
  • NO Costly Appraisals
  • Repayment Term: Decided by Investees
  • Type of Rate: Fixed Rate of the Income
  • NO Prepayment Fee
  • Investors
  • Monthly Income
  • Low Risk
  • Full Diversification of Portfolio
  • Trade At Any Time
  • Total Control of One’s Account



  • Yuan Li

    SelfSell Founder

    An expert and serial entrepreneur in Blockchain technology. During his study in Peking University, he led a team to explore deeply and practice a lot to help young people achieve their dreams. After the establishment of ThinkYoung, he led his team to win the first prize of the China Blockchain Innovation Contest and the first prize of Blockchain Development Contest. With the ideal of using commercial ways to truly help young people, he launched SelfSell, an individual capitalization platform aiming at redefining and circulating human's value. His business model gained great supports from China Binary & Goopal Group, as well as Thomas Sargent, the 2011 Nobel Prize winner in economics and the leader of the Rational Expectation School.

  • An expert in enterprise software development and industry solution. He has background of over 10 years' working experience and overseas education. There are dozens of architecture and design proof suggesting his in-depth software design and architect skills in international companies. Mastering the product strategy and business acumen skills, he is also proficient at leading R&D team and boosting revenue. With strong tech background on blockchain, system management, cloud computing, and open sources, he is efficient in communication and persuasion across functional teams within global organizations.

    Ligong Liu

    SelfSell Co-founder